When the weather is warm and you feel that, it is time to hire a vehicle to hit a road trip, then approaching luxury rent a car dubai might be a better option. Before you set out for the trip, it is always a perfect idea to ensure that the vehicle is prepared for the adventure so that you don’t run into problems while on the road.

Below is the checklist of some of the things you will need to check especially if you are hiring a long road trip.
• Check the car tires:You will need to look at the pressure of your car tires to ensure that it matches the guidelines which are set out in the car manual. Check out the wheels for any cracks or bulges and examine the condition of the tread of your tire.
• Test the car lights: Check out the rear and front of the car. Are the blinkers, headlights, brake lights, reverse lights and hazard lights all in good working conditions? Are any of the lights burnt out or cracked.
• Learn the features of the car: Whether you have once driven such a vehicle or it is the first time you are handling this particular type, it will be helpful if you went through all the information in regard to the vehicle. Draft a list of the features that the car has. When you write them down beforehand, it will prevent you from having to forget anything in case you find yourself on the spot.
• Test the car brakes: Listen careful to the braking system of the vehicle to notice any scraping and squeaking sounds. Do you smell any burning odor or do your pedals happen to go all the way to the floor when you press on them? If that is the case, it means they need a replacement of the brake pads and that should be done before you drive the car from the rental car service provider